Friday, September 26, 2008

Jungle bike ride

We spent a wonderful day cycling along the coast from Puerto Viejo to a tiny place called Manzanillo. The route took us through lush jungle and past palm-fringed beaches and we saw loads of wildlife. The highlights were the beautiful Morpho butterflies (as big as my hand and vivid blue and black) and the Howler Monkeys that bellowed at us from the trees above. However, for me, the achievement of the day was over-coming my fear of bikes (I haven´t ridden one since I fell off in California seven years ago!) and, I´m pleased to say that, after a few wobbles, I actually enjoyed myself! Dad, you would have been very proud. Video evidence as proof.
Rachel x

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Pete and Diane said...

Never thought we'd see the day!
I'll forward it to Mr Whitehall and see if he can give you a cycling proficiency certificate after all.