Monday, December 22, 2008

San Salvador

San Salvador, El Salvador's capital is a city of surprises. With a reputation for being dangerous, noisy and polluted, I have to say we weren't sure whether we wanted to go there or not. We'd heard (and read) though, that it was worth a visit to the safer Western suburbs, and we're always keen to see for ourselves what a place is really like.

In the western part of the city is situated the Metrocentro, which has the distinction of being Central America's largest shopping mall. We can tell you, it's pretty darn big! We had trouble finding our way around at first (especially as there are about 50 branches of Mister Donut). This might sound absolutely awful, but actually we enjoyed it in a curious sort of way. It was actually a refreshing change!

We entertained ourselves by watching a movie in the cinema, a surprisingly attractive building as you can see. Pop-corn is actually reasonably priced here!

The city is definitely hectic and very noisy, and it´s not unfair to say that there isn't really much for the tourist to see. But that doesn't mean that it can't be enjoyed; we certainly did!


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