Monday, December 22, 2008


About 50km to the North of San Salvador is the beautiful colonial town of Suchitoto. Although more people are starting to visit El Salvador, there are still very few tourists and, at the time we were there, all 6 of us were drinking in the same bar! 5 of us were from England, strangely.

The town retains its colonial charm, and most of the streets are still cobbled or dirt. It's very quiet and peaceful.

Stop... hammock time!

The town's main attraction is now the Embalse Cerrón Grande, known as Lago de Suchitlán, formed by the damming of the Rio Lempa to flood the valley to the North, used to generate hydroelectric power.

It can be pleasantly explored by boat, visiting the islands now formed from the peaks in the valley. Apparently, many of the farmers displaced by the flooding have become fishermen. Having said that, our boatman told us the lake was pretty badly polluted and the fish couldn't be eaten, so I'm not too sure.

Nearly all the restaurants around town are positioned to take advantage of the view of the lake. On our last day, we treated ourselves to a top-notch breakfast with an incredible view. The CD of classic Christmas tunes that the staff put on the stereo when we arrived sounded very incongruous though. Still can't get used to thinking it's nearly Christmas!


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