Friday, March 6, 2009


We've spent a couple of nights in the mountain town of Cobán in central Guatemala. It's a pleasant town surrounded by cloud forests and coffee plantations.

We walked up a hill on the outskirts of the town to a church which is part Catholic, part Mayan. It's fascinating, if slightly disconcerting, to see the offerings, including candles, ears of corn , feathers and animal hair stuck to crosses or inside shrines. Thankfully we haven't witnessed any animal sacrifices, which do occasionally occur at these sort of sites.

Cobán produces some of the best of Guatemala's famous coffee, so we took a tour of a local coffee finca.

Here is a ripe coffee "cherry" before the drying process begins and our guide demonstrating the difference between good and bad dried beans.

The tour ended with a chance to sample the delicious final product.

Our hostel has a collection of beautiful orchids, another thing Cobán is famous for. They're incredibly varied and grow wild in the cloud forests in the local area.

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