Thursday, March 12, 2009

Semuc Champey

We spent a totally relaxing few days at the wonderful El Retiro lodge in Lanquin, lounging in the sunshine, floating on tubes down the beautiful river and eating fantastic buffet dinners in the evenings. Bliss.
We also did a day trip to the nearby Semuc Champey. It's a series of calm pools on a natural limestone bridge over a a river.

We did a short hike up a mirador, where you can look down on the water from high up.

Here we are at the top and with Lilia, a lovely German girl we met at El Retiro. The view was certainly worth the climb!

At the top of the pools you can see where the Rio Cahabon plunges down beneath the bridge. Sitting in the peaceful water above, you'd have no idea that this powerful river was flowing underneath.

But by far the highlight of the trip was just swimming in the incredibly clear turquoise water and enjoying the sunshine. Here's me and Lilia sitting on one of the many little waterfalls that join the pools.

Guatemala just keeps surprising us with its amazing natural beauty.

Rachel x

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