Wednesday, October 29, 2008

¡Habla Ya!

As mentioned in Rach´s previous post, we´re taking some Spanish classes for a few weeks in Boquete. We were feeling like our beginner´s Spanish wasn´t really enough so we had a look (Google) for a Spanish school in Panama. Luckily, we found Habla Ya, which has turned out to be a fantastic place to learn. We´re in a small class (4 people including us) with a great teacher, Janeth. It´s intense; 4 hours a day entirely in Spanish. It´s massively improved our Spanish though and we´re definitely enjoying it. We get more than enough chance to practise at home with the host family with whom we´re staying (post on them coming up!). We´re even managing to watch and (mostly) understand some TV, e.g. "Los Simpson"!

These two jokers, Carlos and Julio, actually set up the school. They have kept us entertained while studying with poker games, meals out and nights out in bars, one of which was particularly hectic (see below...).

The staff are great and there's a very sociable atmosphere between the students. Our classmates are Kary, from the USA, and David, from the US Virgin Islands. We're all at about the same level and keen to join in in class, which makes it a lot more fun and effective.

On Saturday last we went out for a meal with some staff & students from the school for a meal, followed by some drinks and dancing at a couple of local bars. We had an ace time, just check out the photos...

We enjoyed the first week so much that we decided to definitely do three weeks altogether. That means we'll be here in Boquete for Rach's birthday, which will be fun! We'll be sad to leave.



Anonymous said...

awesome blog guys! I will be sure to keep checking up on your travels when you leave Panama.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a blog- I'm very impressed! Photos are fantastic! Sounds like you are having an amazing adventure and have seen and experienced some great things. Looking forward to the next instalments!
Beulah x (and a sleeping Dylan- who is growing very fast!)

Unknown said...

parece como si tuviera un gran momento, siempre es bueno aprender el lenguaje será la enseñanza del español cuando vuelva al Reino Unido. mantener la diversión, el amor y la familia marca