Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Estelí and Reserva Natural Miraflor

Continuing our trip now that my Mum and Dad have gone back home, we're heading up back through Nicaragua towards Honduras and Belize. Last time we were here, we missed out on seeing the Northern highlands because we didn't have time. So this time we've spent a few days in Estelí and the Reserva Natural Miraflor nearby.

Along with León, Estelí has been the centre of support for the left-wing FSLN party since the revolution. This is the heartland of the socialist movement that championed the rights of the campesinos who work the agricultural land around this department. We arrived on Sunday, and just happened to see a small rally of support for the FSLN party.

We're back on the local buses now! It takes a full hour and a half to travel the 28km to Miraflor. It's incredibly dusty and very hot.

We stayed at Finca Neblina del Bosque, a small farm run by a German-Nicaraguan couple. It's totally isolated and very tranquil, as well as being genuinely eco-friendly. They draw their own well water, they have solar power, all the food is vegetarian and the only pig on the farm is a pet. Rachel fed her some mango skins, which she seemed to enjoy!

Tomorrow we head for the border, once again.



Anonymous said...

Finca Neblina looks delightful - and what a gorgeous little pig!
Love Mum (Di)

Anonymous said...

A good job you're moving away from Mexico, there's a nasty flu going around there (http://tinyurl.com/cdltxw). Make sure you skip it on the way back if you can. We can't wait to see you both. Warren & Lucy