Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Hotel Fund

When we left Reading, our former neighbours and close friends Regan, Paul, Nicky and Rich gave us a present. To help us out when we really needed it, they gave us some money to be spent on a nice place to stay; somewhere to treat ourselves to.

The money has been 'ring-fenced' the whole time, kept in reserve for the time when we thought it could make the biggest difference to us. Well, this week that time finally came.

We're on Roatán at the moment, in the Honduran Bay Islands. The diving here is cheap and fantastically beautiful, so we're thoroughly enjoying ourselves. Accommodation and eating on the islands comes a bit pricey though, especially for shoestring budget travelers like us. We did manage to find a great place to stay that wasn't too expensive, though: one half of a cabaña which shares a kitchen and bathroom with another room - which happened to be empty. This was great for a few days until some rather noisy (one might even say loutish) people moved into the other room and spoiled our peaceful bargain accommodation.

Deciding they really were too much, we asked about moving to another room with no sharing. Fortunately, a fantastic cabaña with a full kitchen, bathroom, living area, one bedroom and terrace was available - but slightly out of our normal budget. Aha, we thought: the Hotel Fund! This is what we've been waiting for!

So, thanks to our fantastic friends back in England, we have a really superb place to stay and enjoy the Caribbean life for a few days. Thanks guys!


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