Monday, April 13, 2009

Volcán Arenal

Rob's parents, Liz and Greg, have been with us for a week now and we're having a great time exploring some of Costa Rica's sights. Our first stop (after a couple of days relaxing at the lovely Pura Vida hotel- by far the nicest place we've stayed since we left the UK!) was La Fortuna, in the shadow of Volcán Arenal. This was the amazing view from our hotel balcony!

It's notoriously misty around the volcano and roughly 50% of visitors leave La Fortuna without seeing it so we were delighted when we had such clear weather. Here are Liz and Greg on the old lava flows. The sign in the right-hand corner reads "Danger; area of high volcanic activity. No trespassing."

While we were having our picnic on the volcano, a very cheeky coatimundi (related to a racoon) came along to beg for some of our sandwiches.

Here he's doing his best "I'm so cute" pose.

Despite my best efforts, he actually managed to grab the bag with the last sandwiches in straight out of my hand (his claws looked a bit too long for me to argue with!). Thinking that a plastic bag might not be good for a coatimundi, Greg left in pursuit...

He cleverly managed to distract him with a spare bit of crust and whisk the bag away. It certainly made our peanut butter sandwiches a lot more eventful!

We were also lucky enough to see the volcano in action at night, with a red glow around the two craters and a trickle of lava down the side.

Of course, I'm always keen to spend a day lounging in volcanic hot springs and Baldi Termae must be the poshest I've ever been to with over 30 hot and cold pools. It has lots of pretty waterfalls and features such as a mock Mayan temple (a bit weird!) all set in lovely tropical gardens. Delightful!

Rachel x

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Laura B. said...

Your travels just keep getting more amazing! Great luck too with all the animals and volcanic eruptions you're seeing. It's pretty incredible and you take such great pics. I love reading about it all and living vicariously through you both!