Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lago de Yojoa

The plan was to get as far into Honduras as possible in one day and we didn't do too badly. A 6am start from northern Nicaragua meant that, after 12 hours and 5 different buses (ranging from quite fancy mini-buses to good old chicken buses) we arrived in Comayagua.

It represented nothing more to us than a convenient place to get some rest before pressing on the next day, but Comayagua was actually a pleasant surprise. Most of the town is nothing too remarkable but the Parque Central was very pretty and a lovely spot to eat breakfast before getting on yet another bus to Lago de Yojoa.

The lake was so beautiful. We've visited some lovely lakes on this trip but what really made Yojoa stand out was its tranquility. There are no motor boats, just small canoes the locals use for fishing, and almost all of the shore line is forest or marsh land so it has very few settlements.

We went on a great tour of the lake with British bird-watching expert Malcolm, a Honduran called Rolando, who rowed the boat for us, and David, a really nice guy from Switzerland. We set off very early, while there was still mist over the water, and we saw loads of different birds.

Above is a Red-winged Blackbird.

Great Egret and one of the many types of Fly-catchers that live around the water.

Malcolm was a really good guide and it's always lovely to see wildlife but, for me, the best thing was just admiring the stunning landscape and taking in the peace and quiet out on the water. A truly beautiful place.

Rachel x

UPDATE: This beautiful Mot-mot was spotted in the garden where we were staying.

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Anonymous said...

I love your enthusiasm for bird life, Rachel. Remember when you were a teenager, we went for a walk and you were tired of us stopping to look at birds? You said 'Birds - they're the bane of my life!'

Love Mum x